The takeoff story of Flyseas

The takeoff story of Flyseas

Flyseas is an online storefront that works on various business models to cater to the needs of the people living in small towns. It is a B2B E-commerce company founded by Manish Kumar and Ashish Kumar Babul with Prakash Kumar, Chief Technical Officer that helps merchants, small business owners, and retailers by leveraging them with technologies and supply-chain solutions which makes their business easier to run in the era of pandemic

The story behind the establishment of FLYSEA

Mr. Manish Kumar, one of the two CEOs of Flyseas graduated from Birla institute of technology and science planning with a degree in marine engineering and the will to do something of his own. During his training on a ship, he understood the basics of logistics. He returned to Patna and had to stay back due to the coronavirus outbreak. At that time he realized that people living in small towns do not have access to buy the products of their daily needs online as compared to the population of big metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. His curiosity led him to contact several sellers in Patna. After gathering the important data regarding his subject and doing extensive research on the topic he established FLYSEAS and the company generated a revenue of 1.5 crores in just three months.

Business Model

Flyseas works on B2B and B2C business models, hence leaving behind many companies in the same industries which follow only one of these business models.

The company has currently expanded to Muzaffarpur and will soon be available in Ranchi too.  Currently, Flyseas is earning money from its B2B model where they connect retailers to their platform where they sell their products on their website. Flyseas claims that it has a very simple process of onboarding sellers and managing their business platform as compared to other companies. They say that it fills the flaw of wholesaling and retailing is not well organized. Also, their last-mile service is far better than any other company delivering goods to small towns. We also came up with a unique concept called “Business from home” and a same-day delivery system in the B2B system.

The Unique Factor

What makes Flyseas stand out from other companies in the same industries is that they work on all the business models, focusing primarily on providing quality products to their customers and that too at reasonable rates. It is unique in a way that it works much efficiently with local business owners and retailers in small towns whether other companies fail to do it. It also provides FMCG products at an affordable price compared to its competitors.


The team of Flyseas from the CEO’s Mr. Manish Kumar and Mr. Ashish Kumar to the core team members Mr. Prakash Singh and Mr. Sumit Kumar have come a long way since the establishment of the company. The success of Flyseas has been a result of their hard work and determination. Their vision is to make business easy for merchants/small business owners who are facing difficulty running and growing their businesses due to a lack of proper resources. They aim to become their ultimate partner in growing and simplifying their businesses.

People should choose Flyseas because it makes your business accessible easily in its B2B model and provides products at affordable prices in its B2C model.

How To Reach Flyseas

Flyseas has a presence on almost every social media platform. Anyone can reach Flyseas through that, their website, or by downloading their app from the play store.

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