The story of Tea Bro

The story of Tea Bro

Founded by Kartic Sharma, tea bro is a company that has been turning heads and making people enjoy a new, innovative and better way to savour instant tea. Kartic is an engineering and management graduate from the University of British Columbia and after having four years of work experience, he finally established a tea company.


Coming from a family with a background in tea farming, Kartic wanted to introduce a new kind of instant tea. With a vision to bring a third category within the instant tea portfolio, which is traditionally just premix and teabags, the team of tea bro launched a liquid form of instant tea which is the finest in the whole industry.


Kartic established this company right before the second wave of covid 19 hit the world, hence it has been a challenge to market the products and spread more awareness about them. Another challenge faced by the company is that they are the only ones selling liquid instant tea and a majority of the population is still accustomed to teanags or premixes. So being unique in the field is both a blessing and a challenge for the team.


As told by Kartic, they want to bring a change in the way instant tea is usually consumed, which is their driving force to keep going despite the challenges they face. To achieve their goal to serve everyone the finest instant tea, the team of tea bro has a positive perspective for the coming future and opportunities.


Tea bro is the first company to introduce liquid instant tea in the market which makes them different from the others in the same industry. The instant tea provided by tea bro is rated the best by the leading organisations in the country. The way tea bro serves their instant tea and its quality, both make them unique and better than the businesses in the tea industry.


The products of tea bro are marketed across all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Along with that, they also advertise the products on google and e retail platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and their website as well.

Anyone can connect with tea bro through their website