The Story of Foliyoo express

Foliyoo express

When he completed his engineering, Mr. Biswajit Muduli, the founder of Foliyoo Express came back to Malkangiri to take care of his family business. While doing that, he faced a lot of issues in the import and export of machinery parts. That made him realize how big of a gap there is between the owner of the vehicle and the customers. The broker’s fees increase is the cost to a very high extent. To improve communication and business between the seller and buyer and to remove the extra cost charged by brokers he established polio express in 2018. The website of his company started developing in the year 2019. The team of polio express has started working on the applications of the owners in the vehicles and the customers.

Business Model

 When a customer makes a booking, it goes straight to the owner of the vehicle. The part and cost of a broker get demolished with the help of folio express. The seller also has the ability to connect to the customer directly which makes the buying and selling process easy for both parties involved. The tracking system provided by Foliyoo express for the vehicles makes it easier for the customers to check its location from the pickup to the dropping location. We also provide vehicles for visarjan marriages shifting etc.

In case of any technical issues or any other problem in the vehicle, Foliyoo Express is working on the development of Foliyoo garage services. They are working on providing the drivers with food and refreshments facilities on the way. The garage will be able to contact the driver in case of any emergency regarding the vehicle.

Challenges Faced

It is a major challenge to introduce technology to the drivers as most of them are not educated. Balancing the cost throughout the year in the logistics sector is another major challenge that Foliyoo Express had to face.


Helping the drivers maintain a lifestyle is something they want to work on. The drivers are considered as laborers and lower than others which is not an ideal way to treat them. The burden of a short time span of delivery and other issues are meant to be solved the team of Foliyoo Express is working their best to make the profession of truck drivers better by improving the working conditions. They are also planning to work on the development of electric trucks in the near future.