Let your love travel the world through winni e-commerce

let your love travel the world through winni ecommerce

WINNI is an e-commerce business that allows people to send and receive gifts from all around the world. Established in Bangalore in the year 2013, the company has come quite a long way. WINNI deals in almost all kinds of gift items like cakes, flowers, personalized masks, and cushions, etc. they provide gift items for every occasion as per the need of the customers. WINNI also caters to events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebration parties by providing gifts in bulk.

The company is currently delivering in more than six hundred cities. With 150 franchises on the ground in 23 states and union territories in India, WINNI has 4000 partners attached with it. The services of the company range from Baramulla in the north to Coimbatore in the south and from Itanagar in the east to Rajkot in the west.



WINNI as a company is working through physical stores and websites. Orders taken through the website are delivered by their partners on the company’s behalf to the respective customers. Since it is a gifting website, the sender and the receiver are different in most cases. WINNI serves as a medium for people to stay connected to their loved ones by sending them some heartfelt gifs, whether for a special occasion or to make their regular day special.



People often forget occasions or remember them on the day itself. So, providing the same day is a very important facility of ours. Finding partners who were trained and willing to do the hustle with us while maintaining the quality of the products being sent to the customers was a major struggle.

Building the IT infrastructure around. The world is moving at a fast pace and that is how we wanted the website to work. Ensuring the out website is quick and easy to use has been a challenge as well.

To find out what gifts are suitable for which occasion and relation. Establishing a structure that involves a hassle-free process of browsing for the customers to make the experience pleasant for them rather than tedious was a hurdle that they overcame as well. WINNI now has its own ai based on consumer behavior and patterns in order to sort the products according to the respective category.




The vision of WINNI is to deliver affordable and good-quality products all around the globe and enable everyone to celebrate and cherish their special occasions and memories with their loved ones.


Other companies who are in the same field often compromise with one of the three features that WINNI provides together, affordable products, up-to-the-mark quality, and excellent customer service. More than fifty percent of the orders at WINNI have been repeated which indicates the bond they have created with their customers through their trustworthy services.

Another distinguishing feature of WINNI is that they provide a 1-2 hour rapid delivery service for products under certain categories. The website flow of WINNI is very smooth as a result of their strong technical reach in the IT sector.

The customer care service provided by WINNI is very active and always ready to solve any queries of the customers, address their issues related to orders or take feedbacks.