COVID-19 detection getting easier with Mylab's low-cost PCR kit

COVID-19 detection getting easier with Mylab's low-cost PCR kit

COVID-19 cases are gradually increasing in India. Thereby the medical needs are also increasing. Better testing infrastructure is the need of the hour right now. The CDSCO or Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation has provided commercial permission to Mylab Discovery Solution to come up with COVID-19 test kits. This step has been taken to have some control over the rapidly spreading pandemic.

Mylab is a Pune based molecular diagnostics startup. It has named the testing kit as Mylab Pathodetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR Kit. The startup claims to be the first one to have received the permission of the regulatory body.

Till now, Switzerland and Germany have been exporting RT-PCR kits to India. Now because of these indigenous test kits, the Indian government can become self-sufficient and become less dependent on foreign products.

According to Mylab, The Mylab Pathodetect COV ID-19 Qualitative PCR kit will bring down the expense almost to one fourth. The test kit is based on highly sensitive PCR technology. So, even the slightest signs of infection can be detected quite easily. These CDSCO approved kits are also known to make the detection process faster.

Mylab claims that they have received clearance from DCGI or drugs Controller General of India. This clearance is regarding the manufacturing of COVID-19 Qualitative Kit. These kits have also been under thorough evaluation process at the ICMR or Indian Council of Medical Research.

How does the COVID-19 testing kit work?

While giving an interview to Yourstory, Dr. Gautam Wankhede said that these kits are based on the technology 0of real-time PCR. Hence, hospitals that will think of using these kits must possess RT PCR instruments. About 5000 RT PDR instruments are available in hospitals across our country. Some of them are still there in research lab services. This instrument is essential for carrying out the test.

One test kit is sufficient to test about one hundred patients. The kit can screen and detect the infection of COVID-19 within just two and a half hours. The present testing kits take much more time as compared to these indigenous test kits. Faster test means faster detection. This will allow a lab to conduct further more tests.

Mylab to fight the pandemic with useful test kits:

Mylab was founded in the year 2012. It aims to help enterprises to address their present needs and requirements affordably and realistically. If we are to believe the claims, Mylab has come up with these COVID-19 test kits in just six weeks. They have simply followed the guidelines of WHO.

Mylab is capable of manufacturing up to one lakh test kits in a week. If the need arises, they can scale up the production too. Mylab kits will reach the labs across the country within the next one or two days.

The company aims at providing up to 15,000 tests every day. If every lab in our country gets permission to conduct the test, then Mylab will deliver more kits and try to reach the target of three to four lakhs tests every day.