Founded in the year 2021, the BA helpline is the company that helps freshers and startups with Guidance in business analytics. The founder Mr. Diwakar has been a business analyst by profession for more than 5 years. Everyone from freshers to experienced professionals can kick start their business journey with the help of the BA helpline.


 Although he did electrical engineering Diwakar said he never wanted to pursue a career in that field which he figured out in the second and 3rd years of his engineering degree. He has been doing Java programming since the 9th standard and became very fond of coding and programming since then. He later joined PCs and did his training in Java but after that, he was transferred to Mumbai and was offered the role of a business analyst. The initial months in this new field were extremely challenging for Mr. Diwakar Singh. even after facing rough criticism throughout that time, he did not give up on his journey. It took time for him to settle in that new environment and get used to it. as he told us “Where there’s a will there’s a way but there was no way for me to show my will to help me generate more passion for business analytics which is why I call myself the accidental business analyst. since then business analytics has become my passion and I have been loving every single part of it.”

His business kick-started when Mr. Diwakar shared a post on LinkedIn with no idea that it would blow up. Play after posting without much consideration people only glade started connecting with him regarding business analytics and his network started to expand since then.

 How to pursue a career in business analytics according to Mr. Diwakar Singh

 As the founder of BA Analytics said that it is important to build your connections after proper consideration and research. He also tells us that we should not get fascinated by what others are doing in the field but assess our skills at first another thing Mr diwakar tells us about the job is that there’s plenty of information on the Internet and it gets very easy for anyone to get confused and distracted hence sort out your options very carefully. Even though it is important to keep. Reminding yourself of the benefits of having a career in Business analytics according to Mr. Diwakar it is also equally crucial to be fully aware of the challenges that you’re going to face in your journey to become a business analyst. Recognising and analysing the hardships that come in the way of becoming a business analyst is important to set your mind up to overcome every one of them whenever needed.

It’s his vision to solve the issues of as many freshers and business analysts as he can. Mr. Diwakar Singh provides everything from court suggestions to the skill sets required to become a business analyst.