Ahmedabad Based Startup to develop indigenous COVID-19 testing kits

Ahmedabad Based Startup to develop indigenous COVID-19 testing kits

An Ahmedabad based molecular diagnostics company CoSara Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. It has become the first and only startup till now in India to receive a license of manufacturing of RT-PCR COVID-19 test kits.  Then permission has been granted by the Central Drug Standards Control Organization or CDSCO. They have their unique patent for the development of molecular diagnostic tests. On Thursday, CoSara announced that they are entering into a joint venture with Co-Diagnostics. They are expecting to sell these kits in the Indian market. They are also hoping to export to surrounding regions.

According to the interview of Dwight Egan, the CEO of Co-Diagnostics, the high-quality tests will be built on patented CoPrimer technology. It is going to have an optimistic impact on the healthcare market. CoSara has become a part of the Make in India initiative. The objective of manufacturing is to bring a transformation in India. The health department helped in getting access to the license.

On Thursday, Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime minister of India, appealed to the entire nation to stay indoors, maintain social distancing, and avoid getting infected and spreading the Corona Virus. Janta Curfew was observed on 22nd March, from 7 am to 9 pm. Modi said that COVID-19 has adverse impacts on countries that surpassed the consequences of World War 1 and World War 2. 

He appealed to Indians to sacrifice some time to keep themselves safe. They had been urged to stay indoors and come outside only when there was an extreme necessity. Modi Ji requested people to work from home.

Mohal Sarabhai, the director of CoSara, said that at present, their target is to deliver the kits to 52 government approved testing facilities. Also, their next target is to provide these kits to the 60 privately accredited private labs that have been accredited for conducting the tests.

The last few weeks have been quite hectic and stressful for India. The government and other concerned authorities did not delay in recalling all the citizens back to the country. India limited travel and tourism and brought down the tourism sector to an extreme level. All these have led to an increase in the demand for an indigenous COVID-19 test that could serve a country with a population of over 1.3 billion.