The story of TECHEAGLE: from struggle to success


TechEagle is a digital firm that delivers on-demand products that are safe, secure, and trustworthy. The company builds drome logistics airlines. The product is called ‘Eagle’ and is made to carry heavy packages and travel long distances as well. TechEagle was founded in the year 2015 by its now CEO Mr. Vikram Singh Meena with the initial aim to build their very first drone.

Business model

The drone industry in India is still developing and is expected to grow even more over the coming four to five years, with applications in a wide range of niches and industries. The team of TechEagle is also working day and night to make improvements and come up with functional and innovative ideas to grow as a business.

TechEagle is currently working on a B2B and B2G business model. They offer their services to other firms that determine everything from the delivery pricing and cost based on their particular business strategy or model.


The team of techeagle aspires to create the largest on-demand drone logistics airline in the whole world. They want to increase efficiency in the healthcare sector and save lives, time and money as well. They are on the path of achieving each of their goals and objectives one by one while partnering with several state governments and are working their best to reach their much larger goal which is to manufacture and design drones that align with the rest of their plans.

Challenges faced

The first challenge that TechEagle faced was the unavailability of a suitable set of individuals who are not only skilled for the job but also fit the firm’s concept and work according to that. TechEagle has now become a team of 25 very talented and driven individuals who are continuously working to bring the concept of a complex drone delivery network to life.

Another challenge faced by TechEagle was the resistance they received from central agencies like DGCA, MHA, and MoD when they were developing their drone e-VTOLs to fly and had to demonstrate the redundancy, safety, and reliability of their drones at every stage.

Although there were a lot more hardships faced by the revolutionary firm TechEagle, their dedicated team overcame them all and came out stronger and much better than before.

The unique factor

Delivering products not manually but with the help of drones is a revolutionary, innovative, and very functional concept. There are so many benefits of having an on-demand drone delivery system, especially in the medical and healthcare sector. It makes delivering packages more safe, easy, fast, and much more economical as well. The drone industry in India has been growing rapidly which only means that the quality of service in this sector will only increase from here onwards.

One of the best lessons we must learn from TechEagle is to never give up and turn our challenges into new opportunities to improve ourselves and become stronger.