Panache Softech PVT LTD: Run by young minds, motivated to transform businesses

Panache Softech PVT LTD: Run by young minds, motivated to transform businesses

Back in the days when you started your business, conducting market research, and doing planning weren't easy. You not only had to look for the right people but also make the right decisions to flourish in an unexpected market regime. Since the outburst of the Internet, a new form of marketing took over the world with surprise – Digital marketing. However, this form has become more complex and grew inexpensive, changing the way it is done now.

"Like every new business needs an online marketing expert to do the research and planning for you, the existing enterprises require no less. And whenever digital marketing surfaces, along with it comes to a name"Manish Chauhan


The man, the knowledge he holds, and the experience he carries is something you don't find these days easily. Back in 2012, when he had just finished college, he realized, it was a huge need for online marketing for the existing businesses as well as the startups.

His collaboration with Durgesh Mishra, whom he met in January 2013 during a startup event in Gurugram, has resulted in the establishment of Panache Softech. The same year, the duo welcomed PIMS (Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategy), Noida to their names. However, the name was changed in 2016.


What does it do?

Offering exclusive digital marketing services, Panache helps startups, independent, and individual business projects with research and planning for overall growth. Under its umbrella, it has four verticals - Digitalaka, an email marketing company, Hikemytraffic, a digital marketing agency, SMTPGET, an SMTP server services company, and PIMS, a digital marketing institute.

In Manish's words, " "PIMS is a single point contact for the experts and the students. The institution facilitates the digital marketing knowledge of these students who then apply their learning in our organization." The pricing is an hourly basis, starts from Rs 15,000 per month, and includes the charges for resources, software, service, and tools. 

Clients and team  

Manish and team feel proud to serve clients from FMCG to services, including the non-profits as well. He believes that this essential service must be included by every business to gain a wider audience reach. He further claims, " "Our service is completely driven by many ideas and technical knowledge, including PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, SMO, and Online Reputation Management. Our team applies the set of skills for the growth of clients client's business in their niche."

He clarifies that the group does top to bottom research about the items and the business. Hence, it thinks about the customer's rivals, their disappointments, and the best players in the market. They, for the most part, start by illustrating a showcasing system, trailed by its execution once the customer concurs with the equivalent.

Revenue and market  

Powered by the mind of 16 competent in-house people and 12 freelancers, Panache has cracked Rs 3 crore in FY19. Every month, the team serves 100 recurring clients who contribute towards 80 percent of their revenue. Manish has confirmed that their collaboration with nearly 15 colleges and universities results in meaningful and informative seminars as well as workshops. All of them aim at teaching digital marketing to students. Till now, they have trained about 2500+ students and plans to add more numbers in the coming years.

As per the reports of Dentsu Aegis, by 2020, the digital advertising industry in India is valued at Rs 19,000 crore. The growth rate is remarkable - 32 percent CAGR. Not only Panache competes with big names such as O&M, Happy, and JWT, but it gives a tough competition to various prominent names in the industry - CloudMellow, OnePage Digital, and others.

Panache is now moving a step ahead towards expanding through its other subsidiaries –Digitalaka and Hikemytaffic. They are even planning to train 15,000+ students by carrying out workshops in over 20 universities. Further, the group will organize 1000+ seminars through PIMS in the next five years.