Oat Milk- a savior for lactose intolerants!

Oat Milk- a savior for lactose intolerants!


Oat Mlk is a product that might be new for many consumers but gradually becoming one of the preferred products for the ones who are lactose intolerant. The two co-founders, Rishabh Gupta and Akash Wadhwani were the victim of the same and hence thought of others who could have the nutrients as a supplement to the milk. They started 500ml glass bottle shipping in November, making it available to a mass consumer.


Mr. Rishabh did his bachelor's and worked abroad as an innovation manager for 3yrs. He left his job and returned to India to develop this company in June 2020. After hard work for one and a half years, the product was launched in the market in November 2021 with the name Oat Mlk. Since then, Oat Mlk has been delivered to more than 150 cafes and 200 retail stores.


The co-founders, Akash Wadhwani and Rishabh Gupta, both are lactose intolerant. Thinking about everyone who has the same, they came up with this product to provide those people with nutrition and health.

Product in India. As a part of their vision, they want to be a part of people's everyday life shortly. 


Challenges in terms of delay in production, sourcing of materials, and uncertainties were present. Both the co-founders are not from the business industry, so the challenges were more intense when compared to the ones faced by others belonging to the same industry. Finding leads of sources of the materials and the manufacturers was also not easy for them. Creating demand for a product like this was challenging too, but their optimistic approach and dedication to work made them successful.

Final takeaway:

The sole reason for people to rely on this product is because of the quality of the product. The quality ensures the ingredients used, and the product is made as versatile as possible in a sense the usage of the product. Consumers can use it for boiling, baking, and so on. The nutrients present adds up to the reliability of the product. The product has the most protein than any oat milk in the world. Besides this, the usage of glass bottles, unlike other companies using tetra packs, helps the product stand out from the crowd, making it sustainable. The quick delivery of the product made it more reliable for the customers and helped Oat Mlk gain a reputation within two years in the market.

The interested consumers can approach them by email, and contact details are given in the bottles and through a google search. The official website even gives the contact details of the co-founders where the customers can directly talk to them!