Nyus making news interesting

Nyus-making news interesting

Nyus is a news platform where the users get information about current affairs and news through quality memes which keep them entertained as well. Nyus was established by Mr. Puru Thakkar in June 2020 with a vision to provide news in a fun and enjoyable manner. The app Nyus started working by the end of June and was specifically designed for teenagers who usually do not pay much heed to the importance of news. It is a revolutionary idea to provide informational content in an entertaining yet educational way.

The founder and CEO of Nyus got the idea of this app while scrolling through some comments under a meme and he worked day and night to make this vision a reality. Lockdown worked as a positive factor during the initial time of Nyus as people spent most of their time on their mobile phones. The app got quite a lot of attention and attracted users during the lockdown due to the worldwide spread of coronavirus.



Challenges in the way

Producing a large amount of content was a major challenge in the beginning but as the team built up, Nyus was working wonderfully. Providing its users quality content with relevant information. Started alone, now Mr. Puru has a team of seven members including himself. They have been working on the betterment of their services as well as the quality of content and having more and more users.

Business model

The team of news is extensively focused on the growth of this platform currently. Along with that, they are also working on improving the user application. They will go about monetizing later on with the further development and success of the platform. But currently, their main focus is to build a strong user base and improve the quality of their services even further.

The unique factor

Nyus is a platform specifically dedicated to news through memes. There have been several platforms that include this feature but they're not fully committed to only this. That is what makes it special and unique.

The users get reliable news content through quality memes. They also have full control over the content that they provide to the users, unlike several other platforms. This is what makes Nyus much better and unique when it comes to comparing it with other news platforms. This particular platform not only ensures the provision of regular reliable news but also does so in a fun and much more unique way.

Why consider Nyus?

If you do not want to be left out from every discussion about current affairs and news, then you must give this app a try. Even if you are just bored, what better way to pass your free time than increasing your awareness and knowledge about current affairs and world news, and that too in an entertaining manner.

Anyone can download the Nyus app from the google play store.