MBDH Wellness- Amalgamation of Ayurveda and Science!

MBDH Wellness

Mansi Biyani along with Gaurav Biyani founded MBDH Wellness, a company selling and promoting ayurvedic culture. The roots of Ayurveda have been there in India for ages, but still a quality product. In the year 1960, their Grandfather, Late Shri Bhagwan Biyani, founded the first pharmaceutical firm in the heart of Ujjain city. He was a free spirit who was always full of life. He was a brilliant reader and a passionate entrepreneur. At present, Mansi Biyani and Gaurav Biyani are planning for export services as well and already collaborating with Africa and Nepal, hence on the way to expanding the market globally.



Mansi Biyani is the co-founder of the company- MBDH Wellness. She is a professional architect. She did her studies in architecture in India. She completed her higher studies and also had her job in the UK. The western world’s interest in Ayurveda and plant-based products caught her attention and hence decided to do the same in India as an entrepreneur. This is how the journey started. Her grandfather started the Ayurveda business that her father took over. She just proudly continued and helped to take forward her grandfather’s legacy and her immense passion for it. She gave the company a greater exposure through a detailed scientific study about Ayurveda which her grandfather afore 60 years. She started this new brand with a touch of her grandfather’s thoughts. She was aware of the fact that there are other start-ups for Ayurveda UK, but she noticed the lack of scientific validation in them when it comes to India. So she thought of coming up with MBDH Wellness to provide the customers with a clinically proven solution.

The vision of the company:

The vision of this company is to become the first Ayurveda brand in India, not just to provide solutions for the millennials and Indians as a whole, but also to become the first brand to become clinically validated with a scientific backup.  As far as the mission is concerned, it’s their goal to get their products clinically proven products. She also assures that within 2-3 months, the customers can get clinically proven data on their official website which will assure the customers to get assured about the product. The next mission of MBDH Wellness is to come together with western medicine and promote combination therapies, with the practice of yoga and Ayurveda from an early age to assure a healthy life and if necessary, a mix of western medicine to provide solutions to the health problems. Another vision of the company is to reach the remote areas to encourage them to use ayurvedic products who are not aware of its existence in India through tech platforms.


The main challenge for her was when she came back from the UK, it was difficult for her to make a space for her business and start as an entrepreneur. Choosing the right raw materials for making the product as far the quality was concerned. There are many suppliers but getting the quality materials was challenging. The pricing of the products was also a difficult task keeping the competition in mind. The complexities of getting the company registered as a big task for her. The problem of lack of knowledge about Ayurveda or misconceptions still exists in India. 

Final takeaway:

Customers can avail of the product by visiting www.mbdhwellness.com. Customers can check out the products and range from this website only. In case the customers have any questions, they can directly contact them by going to the contact us section on the website. Products are also available on third-party platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. MBDH Wellness is also available on social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. besides this toll-free number is also available to get the doubts clarified.