Kolkata-based Amar Canvas on lending a helping hand to paint the dreams of entrepreneurship

Kolkata-based Amar Canvas on lending a helping hand to paint the dreams of entrepreneurship


A Kolkata based startup has now taken up the responsibility of enhancing the nation’s creativity. Striking a balance between making money and being creative has been a difficult task. Many artists had to give their passion up looking at the financial side. This is how creativity is being murdered. But the initiative of Rahul Basak and Amit Kumar Mahishya Das is now lending help and firm support to keep the artists alive by offering them a recognizable online platform that can bring some worth to the handcrafters and the artists.

How they started off?

Rahul Basak was pursuing a Master’s course in CS at a reputed college named the Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology of Kolkata. This is the time when he traveled to Hong Kong and this was the time of the international film festival at that time. Being a sheer admirer of every form of creativity, Rahul admired the works and had a really cherished time in the city.

He then gave it a deeper thought that the major concern of an artist is gathering money. Hence, he planned something that could make artists the boss of their own destiny.

What followed next was, Rahul connected with his friend Amit to discuss about this matter.

And their joint hard work and determination gave a real existence to the firm where Rahul is now at the CEO position and Amit holds the COO position. The company has 10 employees working on it.

The founders of the company have even claimed that 50 artists have registered after the launch of their website. With this view and determination, the company can work stably in the future.

A sneak peeks on the large canvas provided to the artists:

The platform is quite a large one for the artist. They need to make the submission of the ID proof so that the firm can identify the people. There is a personalized dashboard that the artists are given with the help of which they can showcase their caliber. The artworks are again subjected to the verification process.

If the artworks are found to be able to entice the buyers, then it is sanctioned. The work is given a corner on the website. If the buyers look forward to buying them, then Aman Canvas sends his team to the house of the artist to pick the piece up. The artists are given their share of payment for their work. In this way, they gather financial support and at the same time, their creativity is also encouraged.

In this way, artists are supported to the extreme which helps them sharpen their skill sets!

Final words:

This startup has prioritized the artists’ skills and has realized its impact on the cultural heritage frame of the nation. The market has ample brokers who are profited with the creative approaches of the artists but the artists are not valued much. But the Amar Canvas has turned the game now. The artists have a firmer online platform to showcase their potential and make money using their caliber.