Innovative healthcare solutions by HANUMAN

Innovative healthcare solutions by HANUMAN

The company name hanuman is an abbreviation for health Accessible in need and utility for mankind. It is an online healthcare service-providing company that was founded in 2020 by Mr. Niraj Jha. His journey started in 2007 with pre-hospital care in Ahmedabad where he was managing a few ambulances in the emergency department; he also joined a hospital in Secunderabad and trained in EMS. After that, he came back to Patna and started studying further.

 Values that hanuman healthcare lives by

As Mr. Niraj Jha, the CEO and founder of Hanuman told us, their whole team from the managers to the technicians and people of all departments value three things the most.

•           First thing they firmly believe in is their vision of the field of emergency medical services, ranging from ambulances to emergency help and a lot more.

•           Second thing is to keep up with all the different types of technological advancements in the medical field to provide the best services.

•           Third is empathy. It is a core value of Hanuman Healthcare and each member follows it with all of their heart.

The above-mentioned key values of HANUMAN make it different and unique from all the other companies in the same industry. It is not very common to find such core values and discipline in all companies which is why Hanuman is perceived as a very empathetic and hardworking team who serves the patients with their best efforts every time. 



Challenges in the field of healthcare according to Mr. Niraj Jha

When it comes to challenges, they exist in all kinds of businesses. But one of the most important challenges in the healthcare line is the advancement of technology. Yes, it is a good thing that the medical field is experiencing development in technology, but the issue is that most areas cannot keep up with it and it gets hard for them to provide up to the mark services to all the patients. There is a huge gap in technological advancement in the healthcare sectors of rural and urban areas.