Digital Gabbar: An innovative approach to spreading knowledge about Digital Media

Digital Gabbar

Founded in the year 2020 during the worldwide spread of coronavirus by Mr. Rohit Mehta, Digital Gabbar is a digital content platform. The team of digital Gabbar refers to themselves as the gabbara of digital content and media. Rohit always wanted to share his knowledge about digital media and help other people in this field get a more thorough understanding of this topic.


The blog of Digital Gabbar was mainly in the English language, but the founder, Mr. Rohit Mehta later realized that more audiences are interested in Hindi content and will be able to grasp the content even better in it. The fact that there are not many websites that provide information about digital media in Hindi also worked as a reason for Rohit to take another domain called digitalgabbar. in is a parallel domain for digitalgabbar. The Hindi translated version of the former works as a medium to reach more and more audiences whose first language is Hindi and make it easier for them to understand the concept of digital media.

Digital Gabbar provides information about the digital industry through their blogs. These may include blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media, Affiliate marketing, and more. Being a multilingual blog is a feature that differentiates Digital Gabbar from the other blogs working in the same industry.

Business Model

Even though Digital Gabbar is currently a blog website about the Digital industry, the team of this start-up is aspiring to expand to more fields than just being an informative blog. They want to spread their wings in the field of authorship to make it easier and more accessible for people to get authorship for the content that they want to get published.

Digital Gabbar also works on spreading more awareness and helping other businesses get more understanding of B2B AND B2C business modules and also develop around this industry.

The Final Takeaway

The story of the startup of Digital Gabbar is quite an inspirational one. We have learned from the journey of this company that no matter how small we start, we should never stop dreaming of bigger things and always keep working towards achieving them.