Delhi Based Startup GPS Gateway resolve logistics problem using AI

Delhi Based Startup GPS Gateway resolve logistics problem using AI

In India vehicle movement surrounding yourself can’t be accountable whether it’s used for goods movement or other purposes. India is the 3rd largest consumer market for fuel consumption. About 4.6% of the entire world in accounting it’s 97 billion barrels per day. You can predict the goods movement with this analytic of fuel consumption.  

Most of the time a lack of information circulation causes a big loss or wastes of resources. Most of the time companies face a lot of problems in motion tracking. The core problem exists in the market about the consignment tracking and resource performance monitoring.  GPS Gateway was founded by Prince Rajput to provide a security-enabled solution that overcomes all transportation-related problems of industries. At the current time, 75000+ vehicles are monitored by GPS Gateway itself. The company itself having 750+ channel partners in India in most of them are GPS Tracking companies which is your this platform in form of a White label. GPS Gateway enabled with the latest technology and advanced features like route optimization of any shipment with their machine learning techniques. 


“Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

The above quote is a very popular fit for universal. GPS gateway platform helps companies to perform better with proper prior planning.

As far as talking about business solutions, GPS gateway is one startup that can lay claim to knowing what works with the logistics industry in India. The biggest problem-solving company in India in terms of data-driven decision making and visualization has not only created one successful platform but the best user experience that had never been done before a holistic approach to data analysis

While Digital Tracking, the Vehicle Tracking platform is its most well-known product, GPS Gateway actually began its application journey with a Simple GPS Tracking application. Later GPS gateway launched the Digital Tracking platform connect API with third party ERP software followed by Digital Tracking 2015 and then Coin, its advanced Fleet Monitoring platform. Through this GPS gateway has remained a bootstrapped company, companies always try to deliver value according to different mindset audience core requirements. 

Competing with The World’s Best:

GPS Gateway approaches customers for the most valuable product at the point of use cases. Platforms simplify the business operations of organizations. The goal for every Startup business should be every day you have implemented that made your product/service experience better. As long as that is where it will eventually convert into a world-class solution at some point.   


In the Vehicle management market by solution, the fleet-related data analytics and reporting segment is expected to record a huge market size during the forecast period. Fleet management platform purpose at reducing risks, improving safety and security, live monitoring, data visualization, and optimizing operations. The platform helps in reducing the total operational cost, protecting investment in assets, vehicle maintenance as per OEM (original equipment manufacturers) guidelines, and reducing repair costs by improving automation checkup. 

GPS Gateway is a startup whose purpose is to provide a technology-enabled platform to customers. a platform that helps GPS Companies and fleet owners to optimize their client engagement and track performance.

Company Vision:

As per discussion with the company founding team “company working with the strategy of best user experience and services with very optimal cost. A centralized platform can be used by every industry with custom requirements”

GPS Gateway Team contentiously working with the vision of better business intelligence data visualization with the help of the world's latest electronics module or sensors. With its market acquisition aim, the company plans to serve 3 million vehicles within the next 3 years. Their R&D team continues to afford a better user experience.