Convanto: The success story of a strong leadership

Convanto: The success story of a strong leadership

The name of the company Convanto is derived from "Consultant Vandana Tolani", who is the founder.

Convanto is a specialized investment banking firm that specializes in raising funds and early-stage startup advisory. It has completed fund-raising projects for various Fin-Tech, B2B Tech, and Direct Consumer start-ups throughout the years. Convanto helps startups and businesses to find the right type of investors.


It was a tough journey because initially the founder, Vandana Tolani had to start everything from scratch after returning to India and setting up the base for the company. Thanks to her networks and her knowledge in the field of investment consultancy, she was able to re-establish herself.

Even after facing numerous challenges, Mrs. Vandana Tolani became a financial advisor in India after working as an investment banker in Jakarta. She connected with 300 investors on a global level and was awarded as one of the top ten "Global Leaders In Wealth Management" And "woman Entrepreneur of The Year 2021" Apart from that, she was also awarded as one of the top ten futuristic women in India in January 2022. Convanto was awarded as one of the top ten consulting firms in India in 2021 and the best financial institution supporting start-up in India in February 2022.

Business model

When a deck approaches Convanto for consultation, they get them acquainted with three to four trusted investors from Singapore, the UK, Dubai, and the USA. Convanto gets a first-level interest payment from the investor for the finalised deal. The team of Convanto further provides services like forming pitch decks, financial model evaluation, and helping with fundraising for which they charge a fee. Upfront success fee, per documentation fee, etc are also charged by Convanto.

They deal in both equity shares and success fees with the equity proposal depending upon the interest and preferences of convanto and the other business. They are the startups with a lot of important tools, especially a write-up to the investors, YouTube-like, FAQs, sample term sheets, and many more. Along with its widespread investor connections, Convanto brings a lot more to the table, hence making them a very reliable and proficient company for business and financial advisory.