Lockdown stories with Rahul Basak

Interview with Rahul Basak on 15 Apr 2020

Rahul Basak.

Amar Canvas
Co-Founder and CEO

This lockdown is surely not something that we have wished to have but if utilized correctly then this can be an opportunity for us. Hence, to let our viewers know practically how time can be utilized we have interviewed one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of West Bengal- Rahul Basak who is the founder of the company Amar Canvas that serves a firm platform for the artists who lack opportunities. The man has a broader vision of enhancing India artistically as his company does the bit to provide opportunities to fine artists who lack it. Let’s find out how the giant business brain engages in the lockdown scenario.

1) How are you managing your time? Tell us more about your ‘work from home’ routine.

I personally have never had this much of a time where I would think of how to spare it. Now that we all have fallen in the same trench, I am looking forward to making the best of it. I am using this time to bond with my family. Apart from that, another thing that I am engaging with is I am going through books for which I have never found time.

Work from home is a bit difficult as compared to that of the normal office days because there has to be a constant motivation derived from some source to make the most out of the time. But still, I am trying constantly to be more productive. I am working forward to bring more attention to my talk show names My Canvas talk. After accomplishing a few interviews from renowned speakers of IITs and having the Josh talk sessions, I am looking forward to bring out videos that can bring relevant information to people. Most of the people are spending time on YouTube and other social media applications, so this is the time when I am planning to employ my team rightly to put out videos that can put forth relevant messages to the people. One of the recent videos put out by us in discussion with a health expert regarding the pandemic, its spread and preventatives.

2) How are you engaging with your team considering the nationwide-lockdown situation? Which app or tool are you using for video conference and file sharing?

There is scarcely any requirement of video conferencing. If there is any such requirement, then Whatsapp Video Call is doable. We also have a premium version of Google Drive with the help of which business management and file sharing becomes quite an easy task. Face time is also another amazing tool that comes to the rescue.

3) Do you think working from home compromises productivity and quality of work?

Definitely. In fact, we have promised our viewers to put out one video content per week and due to this pandemic breakout and the lockdown scenery, we are lacking to perform up to the mark.  Hence, the product has surely been impacted and to be specific hazardously impacted the productivity of the company. The Amar canvas can’t practically function in this scenario because the foreign markets are yet not ready. But the canvas talk is also functioning slowly as the work from home is undeniably a tedious task in itself. Due to the lack of facilities for the video shoot, the content turning out as of now is not enough as per the promises I have made to my audient. But apart from all these scenarios, my team is striving hard to live up to the legacies of being the part of the only talk show based in West Bengal. And we have planned to bring more relevant videos like chit-chat with psychiatrists who can suggest people the right way of spending the lockdown period. 

4) What is the most important thing that you are missing at the office?

I am actually not much of a document lover. I like a face-to-face conversation. Undoubtedly ppt. presentations and documents have their own places in the work system but the face time discussion brings out ideas more effectively allowing me to vividly visualize the scope of it. So the face-to-face socializing with not just employees but with the artists is something that I miss the most in my daily routine.

5) What are the two biggest lessons for you during this phase?

One sure-shot lesson I have taken from this phase is the importance of family time.  I have been playing Ludo in this lockdown period with my family and close ones. Then all of sudden the epiphany hit me hard where I understood that work can never be everything and family is the very space from where you derive your inner peace.

The second thing I got to realize this lockdown period is that the ideas come from a space of emptiness. Hence, most mind-stirring ideas can hit me now where I have so much of the leisure time that I have to plan the schedules to keep myself engaged.

6) What is the one advice that you would give to your team in the current scenario?

I would like to strongly advise to spend the time with their families. It is very rare these days and such a long duration of being locked at home would never have otherwise been possible. Hence, this is one of the most important things that I have already suggested to my team.

Another important suggestion from my side would be learning new things. We are sufficiently exposed to the world through the internet and using it right we can learn new thing which falls under our interest areas. Anything you learn will have its share of advantage for you in the business you are a part of. So keep learning.

7) What will be your strategy for a business in this current scenario?

We are still figuring out the right way of dealing with the situation as far as Amar Canvas in concerned. As we work for the artists to put their work out in the international market and bring in worth to their efforts, so this is entirely an impossible matter as f now. Our delivery partners are helpless due to the lockdown phase that is not just prevailing in our nation but also internationally.

Another thing that I am spreading my wings to, is justifying the name- social entrepreneurs as we are called. I have already collaborated with NGOs. Right now I am not thinking of adding brand value or bring in in more eyeballs to my show. I am just focusing on doing my bit so that we can deal with the situation in a better way. I am aiming at helping people mostly the downtrodden ones to deal with the pandemic.

8) Finally, what is the one thing that you would do differently once the work from the home phase ends?

Firstly, I would love to snack on Biriyani as much as I can, as that is the major missing now. But most importantly, I will try to not run towards work and bring my team gradually into its fullest form. I will make sure that my team is not under the peer pressure of elevating the productivity of the company rather I would like to deliver the finest quality and with that bring the right pace at my work.

More than being a money maker or an employer or an entrepreneur, Rahul Basak is a man of virtues who is striving hard to help the poor people derive their living and food. The candid conversation says it all. Hence, we must take this message from the Amar Canvas owner Rahul Basak and selflessly lend a helping hand to people who need it.