Jinesh Gopaani opening up about how money can be made by investigating in Axis ESG Equity Fund

Interview with Mr. Jinesh Gopani on 31 Jan 2020

Jinesh Gopani, Head - Equity, Axis Mutual Fund INTERVIEW FUNDTAXGURU

Axis Mutual Fund
Head Equity

The sharp downfall in the Indian economy has now led to various queries coming up from the investor's side. The prediction of the market or the investors bring in a blurred image. Regarding this, we had few words with Jinesh Gopani, the head of equity at Axis AMC, who helped us visualize a positive image of the drowning economy of India.

Jinesh Gopani had his way of managing the flagship of the long term equity funds of Axis and many other funds. He joined Axis AMC as an equity manager, and by 2016 he was heading the equity. He, with his merit, expanded the assets of the company and has been known to actively manage money and expertise in the market since the year 2007.

Take a sneak peek of the views of money market expert- Jinesh Gopani and get enlightened about the right approached to invest your hard-earned sums.

  • What are your views on the state of the Indian economy? Can we expect to see some demand recovery in FY 2020-21? 
    As an observable fall of the Indian economy as of no. Significant changes brought by the current government can mend the default in the system in the new future, but it showed an immediate impact on the current state of the economy. Demonetization, GST and other reforms have led to the slowing down of the economy. The liquidity of the money invested has been hazardously impacted.
    And this is a structural shift that is welcoming a prosperous market in India. Hence, investors can look forward to more lucrative prospects of money-making through the financial tools and schemes in the fiscal year 2020.
  • What are some things you would like to see from the Finance Minister in the February Budget 2020?
    The predictions are pretty much difficult to be done. All we can do is hope that the budget 2020 is good and clear enough so that the businesses can decide on the next course of action for a profitable year.
  • Can we expect any taxation benefits from the government in the Budget 2020 to boost investments in mutual funds?
    There are a lot of expectations from the budget 2020. It's a long list though! The first and foremost expectation is the reduction of taxation. Other than that, the housing benefits, the erosion of distribution of tax are also some of the prominent expectations from the budget. But there is nothing new or unique in my expectations. So it's all pretty much the same for every countryman when it comes to the expectations from the budget.
    The expectations are coming as the economy is slower and India on being a consumer-driven nation, the best thing in the budget for the nation will be a bit of tax-relief.
  • What can equity mutual fund investors expect from the equity market in 2020?
    There are a whole lot of things that would determine how the expectations of an ideal investor should be. If the budget is a nice one, the investor can expect to gain momentum on the earning front, and the economy might see a drastic rise. Otherwise, the recovery of the market might take a bit f more time.
  • The benchmark indices, BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 are at their lifetime highs. The index is containing 500 scrips, BSE 500, is also hovering at its lifetime high. Can we say the turn around of the broader market is around the corner?
    There is a sharp decline in the economy, the market certainly gets polarized. What follows next is the pick-up of the market where investors and every one, part of it, can fairly treasure their part of the benefit. A good budget can broaden the base of the market to the fullest.
  • What is your investment strategy in Axis ESG Fund?
    It will be a long term investment of 5 to 7 years is a must from the investor's side. We believe this because ESG ae never short-term things. It is the complete process of the evolution of business sustainability. This is the best product for long term investors. We aim at making money responsibly and investing the sums in great business and companies. 
  • What will be the tax treatment for this scheme?
    Equity tax will be imposed on the investment in the scheme.
  • How would you explain the impact of the 3 Pillars of ESG that is Environment, Social, and Governance?
    It will have a bigger influence on the money made. It is very clear that the present government has been able to cleanse the system successfully, it has also destroyed the wealth of the shareholders by catching the auditors and directors who are not performing their jobs well. The environment and social factors have been the emerging trends across the globe and now in India as well. Three factors together decide the fate of the company.
  • What is your view on Businesses getting increasingly impacted by non-financial factor-like climate change, lifestyle changes, sustainable farming?
    The terms of business momentums are the cleaner, and newer technology are the ones to which more money is lent. The value creation of these companies is superior. ESG schemes sensibly make wealth by investing in such companies where profitability is guaranteed. Such business investment, not just financial but impacts society in many other ways as well.
    It can be very clearly traced by taking an example from the auto sector where the value creation of 100 billion dollars is supremely more than that of the normal diesel-vehicle company of 400-500 billion dollars. The sustainability of fresher technology is observably more.

Hence, there are a lot more expectations that come with the current situation of the Indian economy. Where there is a sharp fall in the economy in the market, there lie brighter prospects of a better situation to prevail shortly. Being a witty investor is all about playing smart. The words of Mr. Gopani can help you visualize the vivid chances of growth.

Rather than following other people like a flock of stupid sheep, you can put your wit to use and invest in the Axis mutual fund schemes for a longer term to experience profitability to the utmost.