Health Insurance Terms Glossary

Health Insurance Terms Glossary

Have you ever understood the terms of health insurance properly? If not, then that’s a blunder. You got to analyze the terms of health insurance first and then use such amazing schemes as instruments to rightly manage the expenditure for your health. Here is a complete guide that raises discussions about the health insurance terms which everyone should be aware of.

  • Comparison of the benefits of the policy to the indemnity policy

Health insurances can be broadly categorized into two types. The indemnity policy is the first one that is known to pay the hospitalization fee and the second one is a benefit plan which pays a fixed amount for a defined medical procedure. A normal human being would first need an indemnity policy that can help them meet the hospitalization expenses as well as the expenses which are to be met before and after the process of hospitalization. Hence, one can get through the time just by having one of such health insurance. A defined benefit can, on the other hand, be of great help to get through a huge sum of expenditure which is meant for a huge medical procedure regardless of the bills and then terminates.

  • In the case when a person is under Pre-existing Diseases:

Under this condition, the investor would be entrapped in the disease while taking the insurance policy. The ailments of the patient have to be treated within four years. Depending on how severe your ailment is, your insurance is offered in this case. This is one of the amazing tools which can help people meet the financial expenditure or hospitalization that is required to be sought.

  • The period of waiting:

Leaving behind the waiting period on the pre-existing ailments, there are other types as well- The first is the initial waiting period which extends the 3 months in the initial time and the other is the waiting period specified to disease which may even extend to 1 or 2 years as per the disease. This is meant to defend the schemes of the fraudsters

  • Co-payments:

There are few features which can cause harm to the liability of the insurer and even to the premium. The co-payment here stands for the scheme where the insurer has to pay half the amount or a certain percentage. This is included in the plans of health insurance which are opted by the senior citizens. For the policies. For instance, if there is a scheme that offers insurance of Rs. 2 lakhs but by the clause of the co-payment, a total of Rs. 45,000 of the hospitalization cost is extended if the total bill is Rs. 50, 000. There are even clauses where the co-payment is limited to some specified diseases.

Final words:

Hence, these are some of the conditions that one must know before choosing to go for any of the insurance. If you are investing your hard-earned sums in health insurance, then you must understand the condition so that you can choose the best one for you.