How to change your mutual fund KYC details? All the information you needed is right here!

How to change your mutual fund KYC details? All the information you needed is right here!

Every mutual fund investor needs to complete their KYC(Know Your Customer) procedures. This is a very simple procedure. There can be many different reasons why any investor wants to change their KYC. Like you migrate to another place, you change your contact no.  KYC includes your Name, Contact No., Permanent Address, PAN Card no., Aadhar chad no. and your bank account details.

Not only mutual fund investor, if you have a bank account or you have a Demat account, changing KYC is every easy. And note a change in KYC will not affect your other holdings as well.

Your change in  KYC of bank accounts and Demat accounts does not change when you decide to change your mutual fund KYC.

Here is the list of documents you need at the time of changing KYC:-

This way your mutual fund KYC can change, first, you have to fill called ‘KYC details change’ form. This form is very easily available from the website of mutual funds and registrar and transfer agents (RTA) such as CAMS and K-Fin.

A self-attested copy of PAN is a must with all KYC updating forms. After filling up your basic details such as your name and PAN no., choose the field you want to change. For example your address, you must give a self-attested copy of any one of the documents like passport, ration card, electricity bills, latest bank statement your name and address must be there as the account holder. In case your current address and permanent address differs, then you have to submit proof for both addresses.

When you submit this form to the office of one of the mutual funds or RTAs. You have to submit original documents that are required for verification of self-attested copies. You can also use attested copies from qualified authorities mentioned on the instructions page.

And if you are doing it for the first time, you can fill in the details online. Then a verifying person will come to your home to check your details and then within 7-10 working days, your KYC will be updated.