Slow Down In The Growth Process Of The USD 5 Trillion Economy Of India Due To Coronavirus

Slow Down In The Growth Process Of The USD 5 Trillion Economy Of India Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Before understanding the effect of coronavirus, concentrating on coronavirus is very important. It ranges from the common virus to progressively serious illnesses like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). The novel coronavirus is another strain of infection that has not been recognized in a human until this point.

WHO is working directly with worldwide specialists, governments, and other well-being associations to give exhortation to the nations about prudent and preventive measures. The way that the flare-up of COVID-19 in China is relied upon to significantly affect the economy comprehensively, including monetary lull, exchange, production network disturbance, wares, and coordinations, cannot be overlooked. The GDP of China is required to decelerate by 1-1.25 percentage focuses more than 2020 in light of less production. In China, different urban areas and territories are in lockdown mode. China represents around 19.71% of worldwide GDP at buying power equality, and clearly, it will affect the economy internationally. In this way, it is assessed that the global GDP will endure an effect of around – 0.5%. 

As far as the exchange, China is the world's biggest exporter and the second-biggest shipper. It represents 13% of world fares and 11% of world imports. The lockdown will influence around 500 million individuals in the nation that will profoundly affect its utilization of merchandise.

The party decided in power that by the year 2024, India would turn into a USD 5 trillion economy. To achieve this goal, a strong political will is essential. According to the Union Government, it was said that achieving this goal is quite difficult, but it isn't impossible. Even after spending lots of resources in medicine, papers, coal, etc., our country still produces a lot of resources every year. Also, as the fastest growing economy in the world, India faces several changes because of which there is a slowdown in economic progress. One such cause is the effect of coronavirus all over the country.

How Is The Coronavirus Affecting The Indian Economy?

India has recently declined in the economic sector in recent times. The economy of India has further diminished because of the effect of the coronavirus. This disrupted many industries, and a more substantial proportion of the population is falling sick because of the deadly virus. In the last few months of the previous year, the economy has fallen to 4.7 percent. The steady economic slowdown has led to several job losses and an increase in the percentage of poverty. Initially, it was decided that the country's economy can be boosted by manufacturing goods and sales of tractors. But this strategy seems to be impossible because of the spread of the coronavirus globally.

How Is India’s Economy Connected To China’s Economy?

India's economy is not as integrated with China's economy as it is with the other Asian countries. This is one of the reasons why the country's economy is not directly affected because of China. However, China is a major supplier of equipment to some of the large manufacturing industries in India, like pharmaceuticals and cars. A significant portion of the items required in the manufacturing of vehicles is exported from China. This has led to the low production of vehicles in India. It is quite challenging to find alternative sources. Also, if tried to import raw materials from other countries, the transportation costs are going up too high.

How Has The Coronavirus Affected The Different Sectors?

Chemical Industry: Some chemical plants have been closed down in China and margins on shipments are limited now. It was discovered that 20% of the production had been affected because of the disturbance in crude material inventory. China is a significant provider of Indigo that is required for denim. Business in India is probably going to get influenced, so individuals making sure about their provisions. In any case, it is a chance. USA and EU will attempt to broaden their business sectors. A portion of the business can be occupied in India, which can likewise be exploited.  

Transportation Industry: Coronavirus outbreak has affected the cargo movements recently. According to the sources, every day per vessel has declined by more than 75-80% in dry mass exchange. 

Vehicle Industry: Its effect on Indian organizations will differ and rely on the degree of the business with China. China's business is undoubtedly influenced. Notwithstanding, current degrees of the stock appears to be adequate for the Indian business. It is the off chance that the shutdown in China precedes at that point. It is relied upon to bring about an 8-10% constriction of Indian car manufacturing in 2020.  

Pharmaceuticals Industry: Despite being one of the top plans of medication exporters on the planet, the pharma business of India depends vigorously on import as of mass medications. Due to the coronavirus flare-up, it will likewise be affected. There is a prediction that the rates of several medicines will increase by four times because the import was done majorly from China, and even Indian manufactured drugs were importing the main ingredients from china. China is severely suffering from the virus spread. 

Materials Industry: Due to coronavirus flare-up, a few pieces of clothing/material manufacturing plants in China have stopped activities that are thus influencing the fares of texture, yarn, and other crude materials from India.  

Solar Power Sector: Indian designers may confront some deficit of crude materials required in sunlight based boards/cells and restricted stocks from China. 

Hardware Industry: The significant provider is China in gadgets being the last item or crude material utilized in the electronic business. India's electric industry may confront supply interruptions, creation, and decrease sway on item costs because of overwhelming reliance on the hardware part supply straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, and nearby assembling.  

IT Industry: The New Year occasions in China have been reached out due to coronavirus outbreak that unfavorably affected the income and development of Indian IT organizations. This deadly virus rattles the tech industry globally. Many of the planned conferences were canceled, and various tech giants like adobe and Lenovo have warned investors about the downfall in the industry. There was a local gathering planned by mark Zuckerburg, which was to provide updates regarding facebook development. Apple has shut its 42 stores in mainland China which is one of the biggest markets for cellular devices, especially for apple. 

The travel industry and Aviation: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the inflow of voyagers from China and from other East Asian areas to India will lose that will affect the travel industry division and income. Even the Indian government has canceled the visa application of various countries like Italy, Iran, and many more to protect from the COVID-19 as it was the main reason for the spread of the virus. 


It is a tough time for every country, especially for India. In India, there are only 34 confirmed cases of the virus, and it has already given the loss of 2500 crores in Indian rupees. We need to brace up for the impact majorly on public health and the Indian economy. Coronavirus is a matter of international emergency because, till the time of writing, there are more than 1lakh cases registered for the virus, and 3000 deaths have been faced already. 

As per the estimations, the virus will cost $290 billion in the first quarter of 2020 this concludes to the fact that GDP will not grow in the change of quarter. China has more than five million clients where china exports the goods, and due to the suffering, multiple organizations will suffer as well. The impact is faced across the globe and hitting various sectors of the economy. To prevent this, we need an effective disease monitoring system throughout the country, and the bottom line is public health, and then we should focus on our economy.