Cabinet initiates process on building Next Gen Workspace in the Industrial Sector

Cabinet initiates process on building Next Gen Workspace in the Industrial Sector

By next year, the construction for two industrial areas and one multi-model logistics and transport hub will be started by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade after it gets approval from the Cabinet Ministry.

The places for the construction of industrial areas at the 1736-acre Tumkur Industrial area in Karnataka and 2500-acre Krishnapatnam Industrial area in Andhra Pradesh and the Multi-model logistics and transport hub, 1800 acre in Greater Noida has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA).

According to an official, the approval process has begun and the project is to be started in 2021 as the project planning is at the final stage for the construction.

The multi-model logistics and transport hub in Greater Noida comes under the wing of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor whereas the Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor is annexed with the Krishnapatnam and Tumkur industrial areas.

By instilling the quality and cost-cutting techniques, the vision of removing the lack of logistics and infrastructure can be achieved by building industrial clusters and mega parks with common facilities to increase the self-sufficiency in manufacturing competence in the labour industry areas.

A place for the construction of an 886-acre integrated multi-modal logistics in Haryana has also been approved by the CCEA for the department.

To promote and to favour the investments and manufacturing sectors through the creation of next-gen smart cities, all the 11 proposed projects are undertaken by the National Industrial Corridor Programme. In 2024-25, the corridor will be installed in four phases.

Talks are going on as to where to start the development activities, in which the construction of the Delhi Nagpur Industrial Corridor also involves it.

For the construction of the Industrial Corridor and the sponsored schemes for such corridors, a third party middleman will be appointed by the government. The country’s potential on export and import and generation of the surplus economy through increased employment and the creation of greenfield and smart cities by the corridors will be supervised by the middleman.