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Disclaimer and Exclusion Liability 

The information consists and proffered on our website comes with the general nature, and the intentions of the operators of our website are not to provide any professional website. We do not provide any solicitation or offer to sell, suggest or buy securities and funds to the registered to the users or the viewers. All details, information, statistics, opinions, services or products and materials consist of provided based on "as is". The registered users or viewers must exercise the due cautions, and it is vital to verify all of the information sought to be dependent upon. It is vital to seek the independent advice of professionals before the users who are registered or the viewers who are in the commercial business in any category or transaction with any entity or person. The registered users or the viewers of the website expressly observes and understand and agree that it’s their responsibility to verify, authenticate or evaluate and taking the advice on completeness and accuracy of all statements, opinions, information, details, and materials provided or posted or even expressed on our website or any kind of website from which it is involved or linked.

The website consists of opinions, statements, information, details, products or services and materials that have been gotten from the sources trusted to be reliable and practices have been made to proffer an exact aspect. However, the websites' operators do make any kind of guarantee with anything related to the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, reliability, and functionality of the statements and opinions posted on any section of the website or of the results that are obtained in such information, statements, services, products, and the materials and we make no guarantee and warranty of any type and nature. Whatsoever either implied or expressed which are involved but not limited to an extent with warranties about the performance for a piece of specific information and materials that are contained or posted on the website or of the results came from the utilization of such statements, information, products, and services.

The registered viewers and users of the website observe and understand and also agree that any kind of decision or action taken by them is based on the details, information, and opinions that are proffered or contained in the website will be made or taken by them at the risk of their own. It will be without any type of recourse at all to the operators of the website. The opinions, materials, statements, details, information included in the website are just for the user of private only, and it is not at all intended for any commercial purpose or activity.

The registered viewers and users of this website observe and completely understand that the minders of the website do not assume any liability at all regarding the completeness, timeliness, fullness, adequacy and accuracy and the reliability of the statements, details, information, opinions, products, services, statistics =, services, and materials expressed, posted or proffered in the website and it will also not be liable for the damages, whether incidental, direct, consequential or special incurred by any registered viewer of the user of our website in the account of the use of the detail, information, opinions, statements that are provided, proffered, given, included, posted in the website, does not matter if the operators of the website should have known or knew that this type of damages might be occurred, involving but not limited to the loss of profits, money, income or value of market on the sale or purchase of securities and funds.

The operators of the website do not endorse or attest any statement or opinion included, proffered or provided, posted or expressed on the website and neither do the minders or operators of the website states, certify or endorse any kind of services or products being sold by any kind of party on this website or other certify no representation, guarantee or warranty implied or expressed in any kind concerning the same involving or including but not just limited to guarantees or warranty of the merchantability, fitness of any type for any specific aspect or purpose regarding for the same.

Data Protection’

The registered viewers and the users of the website completely understand, observe and agree that even though all of the reasonable care is taken only by the minders or operators of this website to keep and secure the personal or confidential data and information and details provided by the users and viewers who are registered on to the website or on the website, however, the minders or the operators will not be liable and shall not be held responsible for the unauthorized and access of illegal and activities which are against the law like hacking, cracking and many other things. The users and views who are registered expressly waive their right to the workers or operators of the website on the account of any damage or loss does not matter if the incidental, special, direct, accident or consequential suffered, faced, or incurred by anyone who is registered on the website whatsoever on the account of such access that are entirely and completely unauthorized information, detail and data whether or not the operators of the website should have known or knew about the type of damages might come across, suffered, faced or incurred including or involving but, not limited to the profits, capital or income or even the market value loss on the sale and purchase of any funds or the securities.

Hyperlink Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability 

The website may include or contain links to other websites operated or handled by third parties other than the operators. People who are registered and viewers of this website completely understand that other websites and their contents including products or services or anything are neither checked by us or monitored by the operators for the corrections, accuracy, functionality, timeliness, completeness, adequacy or the conformance with the applicable regulations and laws and do not take the responsibility or liability in any manner at all for the adequacy, accuracy, fullness, completeness, timeliness, functionality or conformance with applicable laws, rule and regulations and we do not make and do not promise any warranty of any type of nature at all. We are not responsible for the warranties regarding merchantability, performance and also for fitness for a specific purpose. The people who are registered and viewers of the website observes and completely understand the procedures of operating and the terms of using this type of website will become applicable or eligible to them on their gaining access to the type of websites. The operators and handles are not at all responsible for the limitations without any updates or charges this kind of websites and also does not imply any endorsement or degree by the operators in relation with the accuracy, information and quality provided or proffered or the nature of the content of such website which is linked to us.

Trademark and Copyright protection

Those are registered and the viewers of this websites observe, understand and agree and also placed to the notice that otherwise or unless indicated, a website and it is not content, layout, text, image, graphic, compilation or any other type of matters and stuff related to this website and secured and protected under the applicable trademarks, copyright and other propriety which includes but not limited to the intellectual rights of property of the operator, minder or the handler and the material involved in the website with the permission of the owner of this type of rights and it is secured and protected under the trademark and copyright laws. All rights reserved.

The registered viewers and users are forbidden from disseminating, transmitting, reproducing, copying and downloading the materials and information included in the website in any means or any form. Including but not limited to the photocopying, electronic, mechanical, recording or unless or otherwise without the express before the written consents of the operators, minders, handlers or owners of the website.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

The people whore are registered and the viewers of the website completely observe, understand and agree that New Delhi’ courts will have the exclusive jurisdiction to solve any conspiracy and controversy or claim or announcement of whatever nature rise out relating to the use of this website or its web pages or the opinions, information, statements, services or products provided, proffered, offered or posted in this website or its website, laws, rules and regulations of India be governed in such dispute or claim. Although, the operators, minders, and handlers continue to retain the right to bring out the legal proceedings in any jurisdiction where they think or believe that infringement of the terms and uses or the disclaimers is taking over or taking place or originating.


The failed attempts by the operator to enforce any provision of these terms of disclaimer and use shall not deem a waiver of this type of requirement neither of the right to implement the provision.

No Privity Contract

Those who are registered and the viewers of the website entirely and expressively agree, observes and understands that nothing involved or included in the website or its web pages or the terms of disclaimer and use included herein shall deem or may be construed to develop or create a privity of contract in between the registered viewers or the users and the operators or handlers.

Entire Understanding 

All of the terms of uses and disclaimer includes the complete observation and understanding between the people who are registered and users of this website and its operators and supersedes all prior observations and understanding negotiable and representations. In case of may term of the disclaimer and use announced to be invalid or expired for any kind of reason by a court of remaining terms, will be considered omitted from the terms of use and disclaimer and shall in not at all way affect the validity and legality of the terms that remain.

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