What is a Systematic investment plan (SIP)?


SIP is an investment scheme that has always been a go-to option for the people. If you hardly have an idea about the scheme, then you must dig out details about the scheme. If you are also running out of clue then, here is your guide that can help you know about SIP and the perks that can be enjoyed by investing the sums in the scheme.

Systematic investment plan (SIP):

The systematic investment plan or the Sip is a mutual fund scheme that has a pre-determined amount for a regular period. It might be a week or a month or even quarters. The money gets debited from the bank account automatically and it gets invested in the mutual fund scheme as per the choice of the investor. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the day determines the unit of the mutual fund.

SIP is a consummate plan of raising the mutual fund investment. They are not just associated with the mutual fund but this system can also be opted by people raising their investment in stocks. This system can also be related to the EMIs but the cash flow is processed to the opposite side. Just like clearing the EMI payment every month for the repayment of the loan, SIP investment is made in regular intervals to enjoy returns through lucrative mutual fund schemes.


Want less hassle? Opt for SIPs to invest in mutual funds. Here are the major perks of SIP:

  • Rupee Cost Averaging: The need for timing the market completely ends with SIP. This helps in getting rid of the guessing game. Making regular investments in the mutual fund through Sip safeguards the returns even when the market is functioning low. Accumulation of ore units ultimately become profitable for the investors.
  • Power of compounding: If you are choosing Sip as a way to invest your money in the mutual funds, then you can enjoy the power compounding. Sip helps and encourages in making the investments for a longer term as a result of which returns even become higher

Final words:

Before raising your hard-earned sums in any investment scheme, one must make sure that he or she has one a proper research work. Achieving financial goas starts from understanding the financial tools and schemes which helps in the proper planning of the investment. Follow the guide and enrich yourself with the information about SIP.